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New Weird Fiction Collection by Alexander Zelenyj

Posted by eibonvalepress on 2009.08.04 at 07:21
Dear Weird Fiction Fans,

I’m writing to you on behalf of UK specialty publisher, Eibonvale Press, publisher of intelligent modern horror, slipstream, science fiction, magic realism, and the surreal. We are currently hard at work promoting our newest release, the short fiction collection Experiments At 3 Billion A.M. by Alexander Zelenyj. We at Eibonvale Press feel that the unclassifiable genre-bending nature of the book exemplifies the literary focus of the Weird Fiction Discussion Group and we would be very grateful if you would consider visiting our websites to learn more and possibly help spread word of the release. I have included our official press release for the book and relevant links below, by way of providing a more thorough description of its stylistic and thematic contents.

Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy your visit to our websites!

Eibonvale Press
Windblown wildernesses; celestial fire; women from the moon; inexplicable phenomena in sleeping counties and visions of blood amid mazes of urban sprawl; tales culled from subterranean depths, from the A.M. darkness and from stolen afternoons of nostalgic sunlight and weeping rains…

Eibonvale Press is pleased to announce the release of Experiments At 3 Billion A.M. by Canadian author Alexander Zelenyj, a colossal collection of forty short stories covering ten years of the author’s work. Zelenyj’s haunting and surreal stories range widely in style, stretching from lyrical flights of fantasy to gritty and painful realism to unsettling horror and the grotesque – from subtle slipstream with only the faintest sense of the otherworldly to vivid space fiction and magic realism and even light-hearted homages to the colourful and gleeful world of the pulps. Always unexpected, these stories remain bound together by a tone of universal sadness and gentleness, and an overarching sense of wonder. This lavish 664-page collection represents the most ambitious release yet from Eibonvale Press - the book is available in three different formats – a Regular Edition and Limited Edition Hardcover with different cover artwork by David Rix, as well as a Trade Paperback with alternate cover artwork. For more information visit www.eibonvalepress.co.uk.

Alexander Zelenyj’s fiction has appeared in a wide variety of publications, including FreeFall, Front & Centre, Double Dare Press, The Windsor Review, Revelation, Amazing Journeys, Jupiter, Euphony Journal, Simulacrum, Inscape, Underground Voices, and the Rose & Thorn. He is the author of the short novel, Black Sunshine, published by Fourth Horseman Press. He lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, prefers basements, and experiments in the wee hours. For more author information visit www.alexanderzelenyj.com.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about the book:

“...The tales in Experiments at 3 Billion A.M. are masterpieces of subtlety and suggestion, electric with emotional power, brimming with inventiveness, enigmatic, inconclusive and delicately drawn, touching, without being sentimental, evocative and often deeply unsettling and shocking. This then is that rare achievement, great writing and great story telling.”
- The Future Fire: Social Political & Speculative Cyber-Fiction

“Zelenyj is an incredibly talented writer who works the full spectrum of speculative fiction with ease and the ability to blur out any genre lines you may care to draw. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream and relentless re-combination, Zelenyj does it all with a narrative clarity that makes for fast, enjoyable reading.”
- The Agony Column

"Mr. Zelenyj has an eloquent style of writing that gives each story a unique dark flavor and his vivid imagination brings the characters to life for the reader and takes them places they would never expect to go. Each story has its own dark place - some with brutal toothy malevolence while others are shadows full of emotional pain."
- Monster Librarian

"This is some of the best slipstream fiction I have read for a while...[Zelenyj] mixes his genres with the hand of an expert producing some really emotive pieces, sometimes melancholy, sometimes hopeful but always interesting.”
- Sci-Fi Online


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